Children’s Hospitals’ Solutions for Patient Safety Network Saved $130 million and Saved an Estimated 6,044 Children from Serious Harm

As per AHRQ, “SPS Network’s efforts have resulted in significant improvement in pediatric care in its Network hospitals, including improved quality and patient safety across targeted HACs. Since 2012, this national effort has led to an estimated savings of more than $130 million. These reductions have saved an estimated 6,944 children from serious medical harm.x Overall, there has been a significant reduction in serious safety events. Between 2012 and November 2015, the SPS Network’s work reduced 3 pediatric HACs ventilator-associated pneumonia, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, and falls by roughly 40 percent.

Engaging in knowledge sharing by distributing the Network’s bundles has also proven to be effective. For instance, bundles that recommended proper preoperative bathing, intraoperative skin antisepsis, and antibiotic delivery helped achieve a reported 21 percent reduction in surgical site infection rate across network hospitals.xii From 2011 to 2013, SPS found that its distribution of bundles that focused on preventing pressure injuries among the 33 hospitals participating in the Network at that time saw a significant reduction in stage 3 and 4 pressure injuries over a 2-year period. Of the 78 hospitals in phases 1 and 2, the hospitals that adopted each bundle element measured compliance and achieved 80 percent prevention bundle compliance had significantly lower pressure injury rates compared with all hospitals that participated in the study.

SPS Network encourages knowledge sharing and facilitates relationship building within the Network to broaden and accelerate learning, thus providing guidance and support for hospital teams through regular collaboration. Its “no competition” rule ensures that the head of each hospital agrees that, although they may compete for market share and talent, they will not compete on safe practices, and allows the free flow and open sharing of knowledge and best practices. Evidence-based pediatric HAC bundles are disseminated throughout the Network and on the Network’s public Web site to ensure that each hospital delivers the best quality care to its patients. Bundles outline standard definitions, approaches, and techniques for addressing HACs.”

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