We Dance Till It Rains!

I heard the tail end of the Joel Osteen’s broadcast when I turned on the TV this morning. I am guessing his message was about the faith and prayers to suggest that if things do not go as expected (in the short or extended periods of time), then one should not quit praying or lose faith.

He talked about an American Indian’s story. One such tribe was well known for their rain dance. When they dance, the rain will come. So one of the town’s Mayor asked the chief about the secret.

The Chief said,”We dance till it rains!”

In a way, it is true for lots of things in life and for the Case Managers who are very good at problem-solving. The Same thing is true for some people who are consistently successful. It helps if people know what really works and have done it many times before. But inner belief to be successful, helping others are much more powerful. It could be one of the reasons people with access to the same knowledge base and tools come up with varying degree of success or results.